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Coming soon, Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s collected writings by Dr W K Malcolm. Much of the fiction included in this collection is out of print and not as well known as his trilogy A Scots Quair – The Calends of Cairo, The Conquests of the Maya and many more!

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To accompany the collection of writing by Lewis Grassic Gibbon, Dr W K Malcolm has also written a stimulating biography of this revolutionary writer which will be published at the same time.


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There are currently some sixty titles from the 1970s to date by over twenty-five authors and covers a diverse range of themes and styles. Many of the publications include introductions by the authors, sometimes very personal and always deepening the understanding of the play and its origins.


Lewis Grassic Gibbon by WK Malcolm

Two new titles on Lewis Grassic Gibbon are available to order now at £9.99, the biography A Revolutionary Writer and a collection of extracts from his works, The Reader.

‘Lewis Grassic Gibbon created a language whose blend of artifice and authenticity and whose lyrical achievement are still unparalleled in British writing.’ Ali Smith

‘ . . . Dr Malcolm pays due and necessary attention to Mitchell’s political, social and historical philosophy, as well as to his personal life and circumstances. The result is a thoroughly illuminating, easily digestible study which will be of immense value and interest to the student, the teacher and the general reader alike.’


Author Feature Christopher Harvie and his new novel Dalriada . . .

|AT LAST, A POLITICIAN WORTH READING Rosemary Goring, Literary editor/columnist / Saturday 24 October 2015 / Opinion

According to academics at Wolverhampton University, since the Reform Act of 1832, hundreds of politicians have tried their hand at novel-writing – 350 to be precise. This startling figure has been announced along with their preliminary findings on the contents of most of these works, namely “an awful lot of sex”. At this early stage of their enquiries, these forensic analysts say the parliamentarians’ tales fall into two categories: thinly disguised score settling or revenge; and the ‘novel of ideas’, which is where the sex and violence come in. The academic in charge of the project said that, “They can’t get the public’s attention through speeches or leader articles in learned journals so they think, ‘OK, I will add some sex and murder and they will start identifying with us.’”

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Rights News

A short story Say Something by Brian McCabe is to be translated into Spanish by Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) to be included in an anthology of Contemporary Scottish Writing. His book Selected Stories published under our imprint Argyll Publishing can be purchased on Amazon.

A speech from Blooded by Isabel Wright is to be included in a forthcoming anthology of National Theatre Connections Monologues published by Methuen in 2016. A copy of the play is available on this web site or on Amazon.

A passage from Waverley Route by David Spaven on a journey by train on the soon to be reopened Borders Railway will be included in Penguin’s The Trains Now Departed by Michael Williams to be published this year. The current edition of Waverley Route can be purchased on Amazon. A new updated edition will be published at the end of May.