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  • The Yellow on the Broom
  • The Hard Man
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Sir Walter Scott introduced the world to the new genre of historical fiction with his Waverly Novels, much praised by Balzac amongst others. So our new writing is continuing this tradition. Complementing this is a selection of reasonably priced ePub versions of some of the great works of literature of the last century and  some well loved Scottish classics.

Non Fiction

A provocative list of books from Shakespeare to genetics; materialism and racism tackled head-on. Look out for a selection of non-fiction titles in ebook editions.


We are publishing a selection of classics throughout the year for download to Kindles, iPads or other e-readers together with eBook versions of existing titles. They can be purchased from £1.49 from this site or form iBookstore for use with iPads, iPhones etc. They are also available on Amazon for Kindle users. We will be continuing to offer selected titles free at the beginning of each month via The Scottish Daily Mail from March 2013 onwards.


The list of Scottish plays now runs to some sixty titles from the 1970s to date by over twenty-five authors and covers a diverse range of themes and styles. Many of the publications include introductions by the authors, sometimes very personal and always deepening the understanding of the play and its origins.


1814 Year of Waverley

” Walter Scott has no business to write novels, especially good ones. He has Fame and Profit enough as a Poet. I do not like him, and do not mean to like Waverley if I can help it – but fear I must.” Jane Austin

Christopher Harvie’s book 1814 Year of Waverley with cartoons by Scoular Anderson gives a great introduction to Waverley and the life and times of Scott.

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Pitlochry Festival Theatre

The Pitlochry Festival Theatre has a wonderful 2014 summer programme:


It includes a new production of Anne Downie’s adaptation of the autobiographical novel by Betsy Whyte, The Yellow on the Broom a portrayal of the travelling people in Scotland and a new edition of the play will be published in March. Also Mr. Bolfry by James Bridie depicts the clash of cultures and outlooks as the moralising Scottish Minister, Mr McCrimmon and his wife tangle with the two English soldiers billeted at their manse during WW2. An edition of the play will be available in March 2014.

On Stage

A new production of The Hard Man by Tom McGrath and Jimmy Boyle at the Finborough Theatre, 118 Finborough Road, London from 2nd March 2014. http://www.finboroughtheatre.co.uk/productions.php

A new Finborough Theatre edition of The Hard Man will be available soon.

Thoughts on the first production by Peter Lichtenfels

“I met Jimmy Boyle for the first and only time while he was in Barlinnie Prison’s Special Unit, an experiment in prisoner rehabilitation. Tom McGrath and I sat on his bed, Boyle came in and closed the door behind him. That was interesting and unexpected: a prisoner deliberately locking himself and us in. He positioned himself on the opposite wall where he could see both of us and the door at the same time. Tom and he spoke intently about the play. I wanted to get a sense of what kind of ‘animal’ he was. That’s how he was popularly known. He never looked us in the eyes once, his gaze was always to the door. Boyle was very fit, and febrile. I came away feeling there was social ineptitude, something that wasn’t but should be there in his social make-up. Nonetheless, when it came time to go Boyle wished the production well – its success might help get release. He trusted me to deliver his typewritten manuscript of A Sense of Freedom to Canongate publishers in Edinburgh, which I duly did. . . .

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