• Between the Lines: Portraits of Authors
  • Henry Gray Surgeon of the Great War
  • Dalriada A Romance of Invention
Our Books


Coming soon Dalriada A Romance of Invention by Christopher Harvie. Set at the beginning of WW1 it weaves together the literary, scientific, military and political worlds of this turbulent era providing fresh insights into the lives of well known and lesser figures as they grapple with the new ideas that will help end the war and shape the twentieth century.

Non Fiction

Look out for Between the Lines, a great selection of portraits of authors by Chris Close accompanied by some telling anecdotes. Two more titles (Nos 8 and 9) from the Postcards from Scotland Series edited by the Centre for Confidence and Well-being are designed to stimulate and communicate new thinking and ways of living.


See our ebook versions of our paperback titles for download to iPads or other e-readers . They can be purchased from £1.49 from this site. They are also available on Amazon for Kindle users.


There are currently some sixty titles from the 1970s to date by over twenty-five authors and covers a diverse range of themes and styles. Many of the publications include introductions by the authors, sometimes very personal and always deepening the understanding of the play and its origins.


Rights News

A short story Say Something by Brian McCabe is to be translated into Spanish by Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) to be included in an anthology of Contemporary Scottish Writing. His book Selected Stories published under our imprint Argyll Publishing can be purchased on Amazon.

A speech from Blooded by Isabel Wright is to be included in a forthcoming anthology of National Theatre Connections Monologues published by Methuen in 2016. A copy of the play is available on this web site or on Amazon.

A passage from Waverley Route by David Spaven on a journey by train on the soon to be reopened Borders Railway will be included in Penguin’s The Trains Now Departed by Michael Williams to be published this year. The current edition of Waverley Route can be purchased on Amazon. A new updated edition will be published at the end of May.

Author Feature Chris Close

Chris hails from St. Andrews; famed for its golf, university, biting winds and historical connections to the early days of photography where Hill and Adamson took many of their pioneering images. He studied in London and returned north, first to Glasgow then Edinburgh setting up as a commercial photographer in the mid 90’s and working from his studios in London and Edinburgh for a variety of blue chip companies. Chris’ work has taken him from the Seychelles to Greenland, North and South America, Asia, the Middle East and Continental Europe. He began shooting landscapes enjoying the freedom of large spaces but soon moved to portraiture and in 2009 took the idea of a ‘live’ portrait exhibition to the Edinburgh International Book Festival. He was a former Scottish chairman of the Association of Photographers and is one of the founding members of Retina – Scotland’s annual Festival of Photography. His book of Portraits of Authors, Between the Lines will be published in July 2015. Check out some of his photographs.

Book Festivals 2015

Some Book Festivals  in 2015 where some of our authors will be appearing.

Aye Write Book Festival from 17th to 25th April at Glasgow’s Mitchell Library.

Borders Book Festival from 11th to 14th June at Melrose.

Edinburgh International Book Festival 15th to 31st August at Charlotte Square Edinburgh